Introduction to – Centrophenoxine


Centrophenoxine is the combination of two compounds DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) and pCPA (parachlorophenoxyacetate). These two compounds are natural. DMAE is primarily found in fish and other natural meals. It is also a natural substance (metabolite) developed by the body. pCPA is a synthetic compound. It is very similar to different types of plant hormones. They are called ‘Auxins”. This is thus a nootropic medication. It acts against aging and is a cognitive enhancer. Centrophenoxine has been studied for more than 3 decades and it is now a commonly used anti-aging drug in Europe.

Purpose of Centrophenoxine

The drug has been proven very effective in treating a range of human dysfunctions. These can range from stroke to brain injuries. The drug also has the ability to safeguard the user against the harm that can be imposed by different modern toxic chemicals in our environment. Lately, Centrophenoxine has been used to treat old animals, which are in good condition. The drug does actually decrease the presence of lipofuscin in cells that are found in the heart and brain. Lipofuscin, itself is a substance which is grown in tarnished (old) cells. The life spans of animals that have been treated with centrophenoxine have experienced a longer life-span. The various research carried out on animals have shown both improving learning abilities and brain enhancing activities. There are vital membranes that are protected while consuming centrophenoxine. The various experiences have proved that it is an important substance which improves the body’s defense to various health concerns.

Centrophenoxine treats Senile Demantia and Memory loss

Centrophenoxine is a regular drug used to treat senile dementia. This drug does actually prevent the emergence of mental deterioration. It is thus an effective medication to alleviate various mental cognitive problems and enhance brain performance. The reduction of lipofuscin in our nerve cells does enhance our agility.

Senile dementia is far beyond simply damaged nerve cells, which is part of the aging process. There are other similar propagations of degenerative damaged caused to various part of our central nervous system. Centrophenoxine acts as a stimulant which increases the availability of glucose in the brain. This does actually rectify some of the damages caused by damaged cells. Cells are revitalized and thus become more effective. The mind is tuned to better performance and is protected against aging facets. The nerve cells are optimized, while being under the direct influence of the substance centrophenoxine.

Additional Function of Centrophenoxine

The theory “membrane hypothesis of aging” plays an important role in describing the aging process. The aging process does actually decrease the level of mineral potassium that both enters and exits cells. The outcome of such an event is that potassium rises and other essential proteins are diminished in supply. The incrementing level of potassium will slowly introduce crossed linking damage within the cell membrane. With time the cells will be unable to get rid of components which have being damaged. It is then, that lipofucin will begin to influx the cells.

This drug does actually cope with this eventual phenomenon. Centrophenoxine decreases the cumulative increase of age deposits. It does also infuse in the cell membranes of the brain. This gives it the ability to protect the cells against cross linking effects. The result of centrophenoxine is that it will increase short and long term memory while concurrently improving mental vigilance.

Dosages of Centrophenoxine

The recommended intake of centrophenoxine is usually one or two capsules of 250mg per day. The dose will, however, depend upon the intended purpose of taking the drug. People who consume centrophenoxine to treat senile dementia are recommended to take four capsules of 250mg during the interval of a day.

Centrophenoxine Side Effects

Centrophenoxine is not a dangerous drug. It can, indeed, carry some shortcomings. Some of the drawbacks can be developed due to the characteristics of medicine itself. As it is a strong cognitive enhancer, it can increase the level of acetylcholine which in itself can lead to shoulder muscle tension, irritability, agitation, restlessness, insomnia and headaches. While, a patient comes across any of these concerns, it would be appropriate to temporarily stop the consumption of centrophenoxine for a few days and then resume treatment. The resumption can be with a lower dosage as an over-dose of centrophenoxine can also emit muscle pains and the above mentioned issues.

General information concerning Centrophenoxine

This is an effective nootropic drug which increases mental capacity and acts as treatment against several brain disorders. However, people who have a controversial medical history should consult a doctor prior to presuming that centrophenoxine is the right drug to consume. People who suffer from epilepsy and high blood pressure should not consume the drug. This does also stand for pregnant women and children. General consultation with a doctor would be advised before taking the drug.

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