Dihydromyricetin Hangover Cure

What is a Hangover?

Hangovers are a collection of symptoms that result from a recent bout of heavy drinking. Typically, sufferers fall asleep after a night of fun and wake up feeling sick, disoriented, sleepy, nauseated, dehydrated, and can have throbbing headaches and vomiting. There can be bouts of depression, anxiety, irritability, regret, embarrassment and shame. We have to hide behind sunglasses and struggle with what should be simple tasks. Other morning after effects that don’t get a lot of conversation are accelerated heartbeat, shakiness, hyper-salivation, body aches, diarrhea and listlessness. There can be difficulty focusing and photophobia. The severity of the hangover is directly related to the amount of alcohol consumed and how much sleep came after. Usually, the less sleep the worse the hangover.

What is Sobur?

Sobur is our proprietary formulation for de-metabolising the effect of alcohol on the human body. It is hangover prevention that speeds up the break down of alcohol, allowing for faster recovery.

Our product is what cures a hangover. It contains natural ingredients that minimises effect of alcohol levels and manages normal brain chemistry despite alcohol consumption. The main ingredient in Sobur is dihydromyricetin plant extract. This component is an antioxidant that reduces GABA levels in the brain. Large quantities of GABA, a neurotransmitter, will make inter-neuron communications slow down. This is why when we drink, our cognitive and motor skills are reduced. We will have lapses in good judgement and inhibition. The reduction in inter-neurons is why our speech will slur, as it takes us longer to pull our thoughts together.

How Hangover Cure Works

Our hangover cure counteracts any bodily impact from drinking. Sobur effectively energises antioxidants that maximise the immune system’s ability to do its job, which is keeping deficiencies at bay. Sobur is a hangover prevention tool that keeps you healthy even after a long night of imbibing.

Drinking drains concentration. It leaves you listless and lethargic. This is due to the fact that alcohol quickly depletes the body’s B vitamin storage. This component is what helps you maintain a sound level of energy and mood, essential for getting through the day. As a top way to cure a hangover, Sobu contains a solid dose of vitamin B, fighting this hangover symptom and keeping you sharp even after a night on the town.

Despite all the studies on how alcohol affects our bodies, no one has ever really been able to investigate how to manage hangovers. While science has guessed what alcohol is doing to the body and brain, there is no proper or extensive research about what any of us can do about what alcohol does to us. Until our hangover cure.

Looking at the Effects of Drinking

Sobu is revolutionising what cures a hangover. Thanks to our studies – backed by independent third parties – we know, at the very least, what everyone thinks they know about hangover symptoms and where that thinking has gone wrong. Here’s how we know.

Alcohol suppresses the vasopressin hormone. That hormone stops excessive urination. Add to this the fact that people in the midst of imbibing are probably not drinking water and it is likely they are dehydrated throughout the entire drinking process, which is why science has assumed dehydration contributions to hangovers. But no study has shown a difference between electrolyte levels in normal dehydrated subjects and those that were hungover, or any correlation in the severity of dehydration regardless of how much drinking was engaged.

Low blood sugar
When the body is low in glucose, it pulls energy from other parts of the system. This can create hangover-like symptoms. It is why many sufferers reach for a fruit juice or some other beverage high in fructose and glucose. While we will not deny this could possibly help, the fact is this does not cure hangovers. It masks the hangover and only slightly. Worse, putting ethanol and glucose together increases our levels of lactate, the presence of which is known to only increase the levels of hangover suffering.

Acetaldehyde is produced when ethanol breaks down in the body. This is a toxic component and is widely suggested to be responsible for hangovers. But our research on hangover prevention has found that most symptoms of hangovers are worse than when levels of acetaldehyde are low. This implies acetaldehyde may play no part in hangovers.

Your Options

You can probably find a dozen resources that claim to know the best way to cure a hangover. The irony is they all provide remedies to be applied when you are already hungover. Our hangover cure, Sobur, prevents hangover symptoms altogether. This is a highly regarded dihydromyricetin-based hangover cure produced by a team dedicated to making hangovers a thing of the past. This quality herbal supplement gives everyone the opportunity to stop waking up unable to fully function with confidence. When we say you will never suffer from a hangover again, it’s because we have our satisfied customers who have great things to say about Sobur.

“If you don’t like hangovers I suggest you give these a shot.” – Charlene

“… I have been having issues with my body processing alcohol. I would stop drinking at 8pm & still register alcohol in the morning. This product really helps process alcohol!!” – SR

“It works! Spent a few days in Vegas and wouldn’t have been able to do as much with[out] Sobur!” – TM-Chicago

Our customers know that if you want the best way to cure a hangover, you want our hangover cure. Featured in top publications like “Wired” and “New Scientist,” this formulation has been scientifically proven to manage the symptoms of hangovers, sobering you up quickly and allowing you to get through your day without all the hassles associated with drinking the night before.

Never wake up with a hangover again!

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