Semax:  A Cognition Boosting Nootropic

NA Semax

The world of nootropics is a vast world of possibility with any number of substances capable of improving a person’s quality of life in a big way.  But where do you even think to begin?  For a potentially game-changing boost, Semax is a candidate you shouldn’t overlook.


Developed in the 1980s for stroke treatment, Semax is a peptide that has been long prescribed and studied in Russia and the Ukraine for its prowess as a cognition improving nootropic.  In addition to its standard use as a nootropic, it also is used to protect and enhance brain health as well as boost the immune system, among other functions.

Along with regular Semax, there are two variations:  N-Acetyl Semax, and Na-Semax-Amidate.  While there has not been extensive research done on these two newer versions, users have reported that N-Acetyl Semax is much more energizing, while Na-Semax-Amidate is superior for focus.  Mileage will vary among individuals, so those wishing to try Semax might try experimenting with all three variations.

Caution: Semax must be refrigerated upon acquisition, as the peptide will otherwise degrade.


Benefits and Effects

While Semax was initially developed for stroke treatment and is still prescribed for it in Russia today, why should people consider taking Semax?

Semax as a nootropic boasts many benefits that almost anyone would appreciate, but what makes Semax particularly popular is its effects on cognition.  Upon taking Semax, users report clearer thought, better memory and concentration, and more mental energy,  all of which can significantly improve a person’s quality of life.

Are you looking for something to help with anxiety, whether social or otherwise?  Semax is also well known as a mood enhancer, capable of both lowering stress and boosting a person’s mood.  Thanks to these qualities, Semax has been used to significant effect both as a relaxant and as an antidepressant.


How It Works

Semax is undoubtedly useful as a nootropic and as a medication, but how does it work?

When taken, Semax increases levels and expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNFs). BDNFs are proteins widely known by scientists to contribute significantly to brain health with their role in strengthening and protecting existing brain cells, encouraging new growth, and increasing overall malleability of the brain.  As a result, nootropics that raise BDNFs tend to improve cognition in most individuals and Semax is no exception to that.

How does Semax enhance mood and serve as a relaxant?  In addition to its effects on BDNFs, Semax also increases the activity of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that have a significant impact on both depression and anxiety.


Semax Dosage

For both safety and potency, new users should start with about 100 mcg intranasally every four to six hours.  If the dosage feels ineffective, it is safe to increase the dosage up to 600 mcg over time incrementally.

Semax, rendered useless when taken orally, should never be swallowed. It can, however, be administered subcutaneously. Dosages range from 0.3mg to 0.5mg, but as with all injections, you should exercise caution.


Semax Side Effects

There are few documented side effects to Semax, so it’s relatively safe for users to experiment with it.  Some individuals have reported hair loss as a possible side effect of the drug, although the cause of this is currently unknown.  Also, while Semax is known to lower stress, it reportedly has increased anxiety among a small number of users.  As always, mileage will vary among individuals.


Semax Stacks

Semax works well alone, but as with many nootropics, the intended effect can reach maximum efficacy when taken in a stack. Kratom, another popular nootropic known for its uses as both a stimulant and a sedative, is a suitable candidate for stacking with Semax.  As Semax also can energize and relax a patient, the addition of Kratom can enhance either desired effect.

Due to the potential energy crash that comes with taking stimulants, patients should consider stacking Semax with Phenylpiracetam, another cognition-boosting nootropic, but one that acts more slowly.

People have also reported success in combining Semax with other stimulants, like curcumin to continue a steady flow of energy for a more extended period.

The few Semax users who have reported increased anxiety might want to pair it with Ashwagandha.  Because Ashwagandha, as a nootropic serves, as a relaxant, coupling it with Semax should get rid of any potential spikes of anxiety.

Like many nootropics, Semax is not approved by the FDA but is still perfectly legal to purchase for personal use. It is available through many online nootropic stores, which is indeed fortunate for those wishing to start on nootropics.  There are many other nootropics, each of which has excellent qualities.  However, with the amount of use and research behind Semax, it would be a difficult choice to pass up.


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