Introduction to - Piracetam


Piracetam was the first class of nootropic pills. It was primarily discovered in 1964, as a cognitive enhancer, by UCB, a Belgian pharm company. The research and development phase of the product was monitored by Dr Corneliu E. Giurgea the one, who coined smart drugs as nootropic. Piracetam is supposed to act as a memory enhancer it does so by increasing flow of oxygen and slowing the aging process of the brain. This, as a result decreases the risk of mental disorders. Piracetam is a pertinent product of the UCB and is sold around the world.

Purpose of Piracetam

Piracetam is sold around the world but its prime market is Europe. It is traded in both England and America. It can be purchased without the need of any prescriptions. It has even been considered as a dietary supplement in the American market. Its contributive aspects to increase brain capacity have made it a widely used substance for students. Academics usually purchase the drug to improve memory capacity. This is a short-term purpose of the drug. Piracetam does also tackle other aspects of health. These are:

  • Coagulation
  • Clotting
  • Deep vein Thrombosis
  • Vasospastic disorder

These are some of its explored usages. There are other derived advantages of the medicine/dietary supplement but these are the long-term ones. Furthermore, its complementary benefits have made piracetam a possible substitute for Warfarin. Warfarin is a drug used to treat chronic deep vein thrombosis. Piracetam is a nootropill with multi-dimensions and does improve well being.

Mechanism of Piracetam

The precise mechanism of piracetam is uncertain. The only known aspects of its functioning with the brain are that it increases both oxygen and blood flow across parts of the brain. This execution of actions does actutually improve the transmission of information via better neurotransmitter and the corpus collosum. It does simultaneously improve memory processing capabilities. This is a result derived from affecting various receptors within the brain that are geared towards assimilating and processing information. Piracetam does, actually make the brain more active as receptors are reverted to optimum. Piracetam gives boost to the brain faculties to augment its capacity.

Effects derived from Piracetam

Piracetam, apart from being tailored as a cognitive enhancer, does improve other aspects of health. It is reckoned to treat dyslexic children. This is improved mainly by the enhancement of cognitive communication sense in the brain. The drug has also appeared to be effective in treating post-stroke, epilepsy and other related physical conditions.

Piracetam Dosage

The nootropic pills for piracetam are provided in 800 mg capsules. Piracetam does also come in powder form. The powder form is expected to be as effective as the pills. There is no general guidance for the recommended intake. The usual expected intake of the drug varies from 1.5 to 9.5 grams daily which is equivalent to 2 to 12 pills a day. The methodology of its intake can be guided by a physician or health stores. The volume/strength will, however, have an effect upon the rapidity of its effectiveness.

Precautionary elements before consuming Piracetam

The drug might be inappropriate for people suffering from other health problems. For instance people who experience acute heamorrage or has undergone major surgery should avoid consuming priacetam. The extent of the side-effects might not be acute but considered harmful. Furthermore, people experiencing renal impairment should also consult a doctor before the initiation of the drug. As most of these health conditions are experienced by elder patients. They should consider health check and consultation, as an important option before consuming the drug. The dosage of piracetam must be regulated in accordance to personal conditions.

Piracetam Side Effects

There are only a few know side-effects of piracetam. These are all very mild and considered as insignificant harms to the detriment of personal health. The various clinical trials performed over months have apparently discovered no danger of the drug. It is rather a safe panacea for human beings.

The customer panel has indeed highlighted a particular effect of piracetam. The intake of the drug does slightly diminish tolerance to alcohol. This has been based on reports by users. Other issues such as headache due to high dosage can be alleviated by the use of other medications if ever encountered. The other general adverse effects of nootropic medication can be insomnia, nervousness and anxiety. These adverse effects are similar to those issues related to high caffeine intake.

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