Introduction to – Idebenone


Idebenone is a safe and effective antioxidant drug that people can consume. It is in reality a natural compound derived from the family of quinone. The substance does actually have quite similar characteristics to CoQ10 (coenzymeQ10), in relevance to antioxidant. It is used in Europe to treat degenerative health concerns in correlation to our central nervous system. There is no proven distinction between the effectiveness of either coenzymeQ10 or idebenone. They are probably equally effective. Research has pointed out that idebenone may be appropriate to treat friedreiche’s ataxia which is an inherited disease developed through incremental damage of our nervous system.

Function of Idebenone

Idebenone is a nootropic drug, which is categorized as a cerebral stimulant. It can actually enhance energy level in the brain that propagates refreshing effects through our body. Idebenone is similar to CoQ10. This is a crucial antioxidant element containing lipid (fatty) membranes, which does actually encircle our cell. It does eventually surround both large and small cells. This gives the cells a shield protecting them from harmful substances.

Idebenone plays a fundamental role while blood circulation is drastically decreased in our body. This is apparent during occurrences such as stroke and trauma. The mitochondrial oxygen (O2) will eventually fall rapidly in the area of distress. This will evoke free radical damages to organelle structures. It will also flux the functioning and stop ATP energy generation which is generated though our electron transports chain. The cells in the human brain can be affected drastically by such deleterious damages. Empirical research has proven that idebenone can hinder such ‘free radical damage’ and so it can sustain usual ATP levels in cells.

The importance of Idebenone

Idebenone has various functions. It is not limited to being simply an anti-aging medicine. It does eventually promote other aspects. It acts as a cognitive enhancer, energy enhancer and it does also protect organs. The precise methodology of how the improvements are done is uncertain. The only certain thing is that it does work similarly to CoQ10 (coenzymeQ10), it protects the cells found in our brain and other parts of our body. There have been various research carried out on rats, that have shown that while protecting cells, the vigilance of the brain cells remains sustained and unharmed. The result is that the brain will remain younger and more active. This is how it improves the overall well being of our mind while simultaneously diminishing the aging effect.

Idebenone dosage

It is recommended to consume portions 30 mg of idebenone for 2 to 3 times per day. The volume will vary according to the purpose of consuming the drug.

Side effects Idebenone

The drug has shown few signs of harmful effect on animals. There is indeed a possibility that dizziness, anxiety, headaches and gastrointestinal disturbances can affect the health. In general these adverse effects should rarely occur. Idebenone is considered as a safe drug.

Precautionary Measures

The idebenone should not be consumed by pregnant women. It is also advised that a doctor should assign the dosage of the drug to be consumed. This will secure your cells to optimum evolution with a minimum potential of any harmful effects.

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